It's all an "art and manner" to be able to connect luxury and extravagance, and that is the challenge that Lorana faces while creating "Baronnes". In fact, our French creator has always taken usage of style as a way to express herself. Constantly evolving in an artistic environment, she has learned to appreciate the impact of the scene. As she debutes her first line of bathing suits, she finds very few outstanding opportunities in the market, through which she mainly wanted to reflect the sophistication, modernity, and sense of luxury that she saw in herself as a woman.


Lorana focuses on creating a more expressive and unique image of the bathing suit, therefore creating a true symbiosis between the suit, the spirit and the body of the woman. By enhancing her beauty and elegance, she gives the woman an entire sense of fierce.


"Baronnes" is a name that promotes forward-thinking and innovation through very particular designs, and top-quality materials inspired by French traditions. By keeping perfection as the priority, the models of the bathing suits are designed to highlight the qualities of a woman, and even come out custom-made, by request.